Solid Propellant Guns

Bore Diameters:  0.17 inch (4.3 mm) and up

Velocity Range:  500 to 8,900 ft/s (150 to 2,700 m/s)

Solid propellant (powder) guns are the most common type of ballistic research launchers.  Powder guns with rifled barrels are typically used for firing conventional ordnance while smooth-bore barrels are for launching “chunky”, long rod, and flat plate projectiles.


  • High-performance launchers designed for operation at chamber pressures up to 100,000psi (690 MPa).
  • Powder breeches designed to accept standard brass and steel cartridges or for cartridgeless operation.
  • Barrel “wear” sections to restrict bore erosion to a lower cost replaceable component
  • Operated on a wide variety of commercially available smokeless propellants
  • Rifled (up to 105mm) or smooth-bore barrels.

80mm high performance solid propellant gun on specialized mount